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At FineHouse we fabricate refined garden structures, pergolas, and trelliswork. We deliver these structures as modular building systems or "kits". We also offer the building components you may require for onsite construction, including; Architectural columns, FSC certified lumber and heavy gauge trellis.

Sustainable design and construction are at the forefront of the offering from FineHouse. Consider adding a pergola, fabricated with sustainable wood and composite columns to your residential or commercial property. When you do this, you provide a platform for seasonal vegetation, "greening" your environment and adding to the ecological diversity of your site. You also have an opportunity to position your pergola in front of east, west or south facing windows to passively solar cool your structure.

Please, call FineHouse today at (800) 686-3180 to find out more about a pergola, pavilion, or one of our many other refined garden structures that might adorn your property.

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A Photographic Folio
Garden Structures by FineHouse

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...with hedges, flowering plants, gravel paths, balustrades, steps and vases with Palms and Bay-trees. The trellis-work, or pergola, is somewhat similar to the celebrated one at Amalfi...

Hastings, Thomas
"An Architectural Garden"
Garden & Forest  June 17, 1896



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Within these pages you will find a good deal of information relating to Garden Structures, Pergolas, and Trellis ~ At FineHouse we are inspired by beautiful garden architecture and we focus our attention on refining the design of these outdoor structures. Our primary offering includes pergolas and other distinctive garden structures that are pre-built or in " kits ". We also offer a selection of the specialized materials useful in building outdoors, such as architectural columns, sustainable lumber, trim & trelliswork.

Outdoor Kitchen Dining Room
Outdoor Kitchen with Pergola Dining Pavilion








Outdoor Kitchen with Roof
Outdoor Kitchen with Handicap Access





Our garden structures are being used for Outdoor Kitchens, Outdoor Rooms and Garden Pavlions. We have recently developed a line of structures particularly well-suited for use as an Outdoor Kitchen or Dining Room. If you have a need for an Outdoor Room please call us.

Landscape Architects, Contractors, Garden designers, and homeowners are welcomed. If you are not already familiar with FineHouse we urge you to look into our offering.

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