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Components : Railings & Balusters


Railings, Pickets & Balusters
for outdoor construction

Railings & Balusters, when used in an outdoor environment, must be made of the correct materials and detailed properly. FineHouse offers a selection of materials and methods for creating beautiful outdoor railings.




Picket fence seen with staggered pickets


Picket fence seen with Gothic carving


A classic picket fence


Mahogany Components

Handrails, bottom rails, balusters, pickets and newels are all available in Mahogany. Apply a clear or pigmented penetrating oil finish, for long life and good looks.






A section of the SynCore™ railing system




SynCore™ Railing System

The SynCore™ Railing system consists of a handrail and bottom rail with a heavy vinyl wrap around a cedar core. Between the rails are solid 1-3/16" square balusters of cellular vinyl. This railing meets the applicable BOCA and CABO residential building codes. This means the railing is quite strong and will last many years.


All components are supplied in white but they may be painted a light color with good results. The system is very low maintenance (occasional washing).



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