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Pergola Elements

FineHouse offers many of the components used to build classic garden pergolas. The information and products provided here are the some of "finest" available for the construction of long-lasting outdoor structures. If you want to build a pergola that will endure the weather, please consider using elements from FineHouse for your project.

Round, Square, Capitals

Lintels/ Beams
9" Lintels, 7"Lintels

Rafters & Purlins
7" Rafters, 5" Rafters, Purlins

Architectural Trellis
Square, 60 Degree, 45 Degree, Options

Fasteners, Flashings, Hinges

Components offered by FineHouse Ltd. come with a one year warranty and in some cases an extended warranty. Please read all notes associated with a specific component before ordering.

The components shown on this website do not reflect the complete offering by FineHouse. If you do not see what you require for your outdoor project, please email an inquiry to or call (540) 436-8080 and ask to speak with a product specialist.

For ordering, view the How To Order page. We do not have online ordering.


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