Sustainable Site Architecture with
Pre-fabricated Structures from FineHouse

FineHouse is pleased to offer a range of products uniquely suited to Green Building applications. For years FineHouse has supplied pre-built garden structures that have adorned landscapes, residences and commercial structures across the United States. Today, we are offering attractive solutions for Green Building professionals, homeowners and businesses interested in a sustainable future.


Green Garden Structures
Pergola Kit with Tuscan Columns
Fabricated with FSC certified lumber

  The Solar Stage  
Solar Stage

A flexible design building system that allows for rapid onsite assembly of attractive structures to act as the stage for PV arrays, solar hot water and air collectors, while providing enclosed or open space beneath, for other purposes.

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Features & Benefits

  • A range of designs allow you to relate the structure to the surrounding architecture.
  • Factory built structures provide quality assured onsite assembly and reduced construction time.
  • Integral conduits, chases and enclosures for all
    Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing needs.
  • Freestanding and attached models, provide for a wide range of applications

Garden Structures with Green Roofs & Walls  


Pergola with Green Roof

Modular components allow you to create garden structures that act as platforms for green roofs, and walls while creating attractive living space.

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Features & Benefits

  • Materials used in construction are FSC or SFI certified lumber, recycled steel, and fiberglass composite columns.
  • Cradle to cradle sustainable building system
  • Features LiveRoof® pre-vegetated system
  • Factory built structures provide quality assured onsite assembly and reduced construction time.
  • Reduce stormwater runoff where previously difficult, while creating multi-use space.
  • Possibilities for passive solar cooling are extensive
  • Retrofit existing structures easily with green roof porticos & arcades

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