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Design Reference ~ Gates

Anatomy & Specifications

Anatomy of a Garden Gate



Sizes : Standard sizes in single & double door. pedestrian and vehicular models.

Shapes: Standard shapes as published. Please inquire about new shapes under development. Custom commissions accepted.

Patterns: Staves, panels, grilles and appliqués with numerous combinations available. Standard square, diagonal and vertical options. Diagonal options in 30, 45 & 60 degrees. Standard and custom window sizes. Custom composites patterns available.

Materials: Gates are available in Western Red Cedar or Mahogany. Painted steel or brass hardware are typical..

Fabrication: Rails and stiles are glued and doweled. All fasteners shall be galvanized or stainless steel. Edges shall be chamfered. Horizontal surfaces shall be detailed to resist ponding.

Finishes: All components are surfaced and/or sanded. Available finished or unfinished. When ordered with a finish, an oil based penetrating stain is applied in two steps. Standard colors are Forest Green, Garden Grey and Winter White. Custom colors available.


That is all about Gates for now. Please inquire for more information regarding our gates.




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