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PERGOLA ~The Anatomy


The anatomy of a pergola consists of a number of component parts seen in the elevation above. The height of the pergola is typically 8'10" from base to top of lintel with other heights available. Column spacing is pre-engineered up to 12' - wider spacing will be engineered on an individual basis. Width between lintels ( also referred to as rafter span ) determines rafter size, widths up to 16' are pre-engineered. Contiuous lengths in 12" and 16" increments are available. Continuos lengths and multiple lintels will allow for a wide range of design possibilites.


Sizes: Sizes are available in 12" and 16" increments. Custom heights are available.

Plan Types: Are indicated in the design reference, under the headings TYPICAL PLAN TYPES WITH ELEVATIONS and COMBINING PLAN TYPES. From the plans indicated, a wide variety of plans may be derived.

Structural: The Pergola is a pre-engineered structural building system designed for a lifetime of outdoor use. The drawings provided with each project must be reviewed by your local building official for applicability.

Materials: Wood specified may include Mahogany, Western Red Cedar or SynCore™. Columns available square or round in Wood, or Cast Composite with integral Post Core™. Galvanized fasteners shall be supplied for the Pergola proper. Fasteners for attachment to existing structures shall be by others. Copper and aluminum flashings shall be provided as specified.

Fabrication: The component parts of the Pergola shall be pre-fabricated and shipped knocked down ready efficient assembly in the field. The components shall incorporate the Spline & Dado™ system for integral connections. Finishes:All components are surfaced and/or sanded prior to stain or penetrating clear finish being applied. Specify unfinished, clear oil or primed.

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