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Plans & Construction Documents
for Pergolas and other Outdoor Structures


FineHouse provides plans and related construction documents for building beautiful outdoor structures including; pergolas, arbours, and garden houses to mention a few. We provide a very complete set of plans and documents that allow you to build a very high quality structure that will last for many years. Our plans are suitable for homeowners and professionals as well as building permit application. The plans are provided as a license to build one structure. Professionals interested in building more than one structure please contact FineHouse,Ltd.


Typical Drawings &Documents
included with a Set of Plans
from FineHouse
Each set of plans from FineHouse includes the following:
Floor Plan, Foundation Plan & Roof Plan
Elevations (2) or more
Sections (2)
Details & Assembly drawings
Templates for carving Lintels Rafters & Purlins


Bill of Materials required
Installation notes
Construction Methods
Tips for quality on a budget


Roof Plan
The plan view allowing you to see the necessary layout for construction, including dimensions, placements and orientation.


Bill of Materials


Foundation Plan
The foundation plan shows dimensions for the footings, diagonals for a square structure and notes for construction. Different ground conditions are covered such as; deck, concrete and lawn


Construction Methods


Assembly Drawings
Assembly drawings are necessary for construction of the lintel assemblies, trellis panels and other "assemblies" of the design that are made up of a number of component parts.


Sections show a slice through the structure so you can understand how the parts relate to each other. Sections are essential for construction


Details are enlarged area of the drawings that show in more "detail" the area of importance. Examples are connections, areas hard to see or understand without details and areas that need additional explanation beyond the base drawings.


Installation Notes


Elevations allow you to see the structure from at least 2 sides to help understand the look, orientation and some dimensions..


Templates are provided for carving lintels, rafters and purlins. The templates are paper. Detailed instructions are given for achieving a high quality finished look.



What is not included:

No architects or engineers seal is included. We are able to provide a seal in some states, please inquire with your specific requirements.

No materials are included.

No guarantee is made, as to the suitability of use of our plans in any situation. Every situation is unique, if there is any question about the suitability of the design for the site, it is your responsibility to retain a local building professional to make a determination.


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