Pricing and Quotations for Pre-Built Structures

FineHouse, Ltd. uses a Design-Price-Build approach to the pre-manufacturing of your garden structure. The steps to this process are shown below. Also included on this page are a sample quotation with specifications and pricing see below  as well as a printable form for Requesting a Quotation

Design-Price-Build your Garden Structure


  1. You determine the overall design of your structure including shape and size in plan view, height, location of columns or posts and the floor finish at ground level you anticipate.

  2. Next, determine the type of materials you require including the species of wood or SynCore, the type of columns and capitals, and the finish you anticipate.

  3. Lastly, identify any accessories including trellis, gates or ornament you would like.


  1. Once you have determined the design criteria fill out a Request for Quotation form provided below and forward it to FineHouse.

  2. We will promptly perfect a quotation for your review and approval or comment. If you have comments and would like a revised quote, resubmit your RFQ with comments and we will reasses it.


  1. Upon your satisfaction with the quotation provided by FineHouse, you would submit a signed copy to us along with an initial deposit.

  2. Once we receive your signed quotation and deposit - we produce shop drawings and forward them for your review and signature.You return the shop drawings to FineHouse.

  3. When we receive your signed shop drawings your project is scheduled for production and your Pre-built garden structure is soon to be a reality, gracing your site
If you have questions or need assistance regarding the submission of a Request for Quotation, please contact a member of our design team at the number listed below.

Please print the Request for Quotation form below and mail, fax or email it to FineHouse.

Request for Quotation
Print & Fill Out
Mail, Fax or Email

Print the PDF form

Phone (540) 436-8080

    (540) 436-8335


50 Maurertown Mill Rd.
PO Box 307
Maurertown, VA 22644

E-mail RFQ's are accepted
Please provide all of the
information to:

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Sample Pergola Quotation

FineHouse, Ltd. shall supply a freestanding pergola with all of the components pre-engineered and pre-manufactured. The pergola shall have a rectangular plan 10' wide x 18' long. The dimensions are from tip of lintel to tip of lintel and tip of rafter to tip of rafter. The height to the tops of the columns shall be approximately 8' and the overall height shall be 9'5-3/4". The owners shall approve the precise dimensions at the time of shop drawing approval. The components shall be shipped knocked down ready for quick erection on site. The lintels, rafters and purlins shall be
STK (Select Tight Knot)
. Western Red Cedar (WRC). In addition to these specifications all of the materials shall be delivered as follows:

(6) Composite, Tuscan columns: 10-inch diameter, 8 ft. height, with a 20-year guarantee. The columns shall have an integral Post Core™ for rapid installation and stability of the structure. The Post Cores shall extend below the bottom of the column 2ft and above the top of the column 8 inches for structural connection to the lintels.

(6) Tuscan capitals and bases with formed copper flashing at the capital.

(2) Pre-manufactured STK. Western Red Cedar, double lintel assemblies 6-1/2" wide x 9" high: Structural, glued and screwed box beams that are pre-assembled, pre-cut, pre-drilled with countersink having carved tails and beaded edges.

(12) Pre-manufactured STK. Western Red Cedar rafters, 1-1/2" x 7": Pre-drilled with countersink, eased edges & carved tails.

STK Western Red Cedar Purlins 3" x 1-1/2": Pre-cut with carved ends and eased edges.

Formed 12oz copper flashing for the lintel assemblies

(1) Hardware package including: Silicone sealant, construction adhesive, Stainless Steel screws, Epoxy coated timber screws, Stainless Steel nails, copper nails, wood plugs and Polyurethane Adhesive.

(1) Package and shipping to your location

Total $ 8,516.00

Guarantee ~ All components are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 1 year. The structural components are guaranteed for 3 years. Composite columns carry a 20-year warranty.



Plans with construction documents only…………………………………………………. $ 375.00

Substitute Syn-Core components in place of WRC Components (Add to the total)…...... $ 1000.00

Apply one coat of Old Virginia White Cabot penetrating oil based stain (Add to the total)…$ 550.00



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